“I wanted to do something new and create somewhere cute, where girls can hang out. Other ice cream shops, guys meet up on their motorcycles. But the guys get pretty excited over our gelato too. It's pretty funny to watch.” (Read more...)
There’s an array of gelato flavors from French vanilla to Ferrero Rocher to start your pet. A steady stream of chocolate pours like a fountain for Eiswelt Gelato’s artists to dip from. They dot beady eyes on perfect scoops while drawing snouts and smiles on affixed marshmallows. Of course, the final product is insatiable fodder for Instagram foodies. But the designer desserts are tasty on the tongue, too! (Read more...)
Eiswelt Gelato is a relatively new family-run ice cream shop in Westminster that adds a little something special to their gelato cones. They take extra time shaping ice cream scoops into different animals with cute marshmallow noses. There's a teddy bear, monkey, dog, pig, and even multiple pigs stacked on top of each other (depending on how many scoops of gelato you want to eat for the sake of a photo). They also do beautiful roses, too, with layered petals of different colors. (Read more...)
“My favorite part is seeing customers come in and be excited,” she says. “When they get gelato in the shape of a cute animal, it puts a smile on their face and you feel like you’re making someone’s day!” (Read more...)